Trophy Run 2017 in the books!

Ok, it was a little “wet” today. It happens. Ok, maybe there was an oil slick after the pit stop, and we couldn’t get any traction. Yup, the scores could have been better. But it was still fun, and the real rally starts tomorrow. Scores will be posted here soon.  For now, here are the cars as they returned from today’s challenge!


It’s October!

And you know what that means – it’s time to run with the Pumpkins! I have it on good authority Jim Feeney has completed the course instructions and is giggling like a schoolgirl over what he’s going to do to the competitors.  Let’s show him who’s boss!!!  Who is with me!?!

Check it out, it’s the newest rally car (assuming it gets finished in time), Joe Roche’s 1964 GTO he has been restoring over the last 7 or 8 decades.

2017 Pumpkin Run Entry Form

Pumpkin Run Entry Form

Remember, the earlier you get your entry in, the better your start position on Friday and Saturday.

We have a block of rooms at the MICROTEL by Wyndham.  Please ask for the Northeast Rally Club rates.  Please, if you are thinking about joining us, make your reservations NOW, you can cancel if necessary (check their policy for cancellation).  Rooms are limited and our group rate is for rooms booked PRIOR to September 15, 2017 (call 302-858-5111).

NERC at the 2017 Great Race

What an exciting event the 2017 Great Race must have been.  Yes, I was stuck at home, working…  🙁 But I did check on the progress every day, looking for NERC members accomplishments!

Where to start?

How about the winner? Jody Knowles and Beth Gentry won the whole thing!

How about Howard and Doug Sharp pulling off a 3rd place overall and Grand Champion Division win in that 1916 Hudson! 1:05 over 9 stages, factored to 0:42.90. Great job fellas!

How about Scott Hudson coming out of ‘retirement’ and rejoining his Grandfather John Hudson’ s “Stovebolt” team to run 4th overall and 3rd in Expert Division with 0:54 raw factored to 0:45.9 (Sharps “old car’d” them again!!)

Awesome, awesome, awesome.  I can’t tell you how happy we are at the number of NERC competitors and how well they did.  Full results are here

Here is the NERC list:

Howard and Doug Sharp (3rd overall and 1st in Grand Champion Class)

Harald von Langsdorff and Steve McKelvie

David and Paul Dort

Josh Hull and Trevor Stahl (7th overall and 5th Expert Class)

Ken Creary and Lauren States

Brian Blood and Steve Keller

Dave Haverty and Steve Pusey

Gary and Jean Ann Martin

John Corey and Dale Kasson

Sam and Anne Pratt

Jim and Louise Feeney (10th overall)

Larry Tribble and Rock Rookey

Brian Lockwood and Chris Millikin

Steve and Ed Tourje

Bob Bryan and Mike Bitterman

John and Scott Hudson  (6th overall and 4th Expert Class)

Olivia and Genna Gentry (1st Rookie Class)

Jody Knowles and Beth Gentry (1st overall and 1 Expert Class)

Bill and Susan Greene

Guy McDorr

Remember, next on the calendar is the Pumpkin Run.  As soon as Bob gets done resting we will have the entry forms right here.  Stay tuned!!!