2017 Pumpkin Run Entry Form

Pumpkin Run Entry Form

Remember, the earlier you get your entry in, the better your start position on Friday and Saturday.

We have a block of rooms at the MICROTEL by Wyndham.  Please ask for the Northeast Rally Club rates.  Please, if you are thinking about joining us, make your reservations NOW, you can cancel if necessary (check their policy for cancellation).  Rooms are limited and our group rate is for rooms booked PRIOR to September 15, 2017 (call 302-858-5111).

NERC at the 2017 Great Race

What an exciting event the 2017 Great Race must have been.  Yes, I was stuck at home, working…  🙁 But I did check on the progress every day, looking for NERC members accomplishments!

Where to start?

How about Howard and Doug Sharp pulling off a 3rd place overall and Grand Champion Division win in that 1916 Hudson! 1:05 over 9 stages, factored to 0:42.90. Great job fellas!

How about Scott Hudson coming out of ‘retirement’ and rejoining his Grandfather John Hudson’ s “Stovebolt” team to run 4th overall and 3rd in Expert Division with 0:54 raw factored to 0:45.9 (Sharps “old car’d” them again!!)

Awesome, awesome, awesome.  I can’t tell you how happy we are at the number of NERC competitors and how well they did.  Full results are here

Remember, next on the calendar is the Pumpkin Run.  As soon as Bob gets done resting we will have the entry forms right here.  Stay tuned!!!

The Great Race talks about Team 60

I have to mention that we have watched Scott grow from a young boy to a man and we are all very proud of his accomplishments. Quite frankly, we take credit for them! Not to mention his grandfather John, one of the nicest guys out there AND a great mechanic to boot! Let’s Go Team 60!!


John and Scott Hudson tuned up for the Great Race with a win in late May in the Penn-York Rally in Beach Lake, Pennsylvania. They got out to a large lead on Day 1 in their 1940 Chevrolet and never looked back. They beat out two-time Great Race champions Howard and Doug Sharp from Fairport, New York, in their 1916 Hudson Hillclimber. The event was a fundraiser for the Beach Lake Volunteer Fire Department.

In other Northeast Rally Club news, the Sharps announced that they will host next spring’s rally in early May in Fairport, New York. The one they held there in the Spring of 2016 had one of the largest turnouts of cars at any NERC event ever. More details can be found at www.northeastrallyclub.com.