Why We Do It

Time Speed rallies are a great way to do something more with your unique auto than cruise ins, car shows, etc.  Rather than the “same old, same old” we take our vehicles out on public highways and compete in these precision driving events. “Usually’ at 5 MPH or more below the posted speeds, Time/Speed rallying relies on your ability to navigate a set of instructions to arrive at secret checkpoints at the time the rally master calculates you should arrive. It is easy to get started, and challenging to do well.

We rely on the 3 “S”s: Start on time, Stay on course, and Stay on time.

Starting on time is easy enough.  We give you the start time. You add your start position to the time.  For example, a 9:00AM start time for car #1 is 9:01. Car #2 goes at 9:02, and so on.

Staying on course is where it starts to get a little harder. We go to great lengths to ensure you don’t get off course.  We’re not trying to trick you! Trust me, it’s a pain in the you-know-what if a competitor gets lost. We want you to get to the finish! What you need to do is complete each instruction in order and you’ll be fine. And as long as you’re behind the car you’re supposed to be behind, and ahead of the car you’re supposed to be ahead of, you’ll have a decent score.

Staying on time is where you can really shine.  Perform all the maneuvers exactly, make up lost time, and show up at the checkpoints exactly right and you’re a contender.

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